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19 & 20 juin 2024

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Conferences address different subjects and deal with research, regulations, market trends and figures, product innovations, consumers’ expectations and industry supply. Unique occasion for receiving and sharing information, they are hosted by scientific and industrial experts, and by trade journalists. Today’s main Health & Food issues are discussed around different conferences.

Le planning 2022

Thu 16 June8:30 AM > 10:00 AM


Innovations boosted by the regulatory and strategic positioning of ingredients

Conference leader : Mélanie LE PLAINE-MILEUR, General Secretary, SYNPA (Trade Association for Speciality Food Ingredients)

The regulatory status of ingredients and processing inputs

Gilles BOIN, Partner at QOLUMN LAW FIRM

Evolution of the food ingredient supply to meet market requirements and expectations

Speaker to be confirmed

Novel Food: opportunities and barriers to innovation in nutrition and health products in Europe

Léa TRICHELOT and Véronique TRAYNARD, consultants, RNI CONSEIL

Insects as Novel Food to promote sustainable protein alternatives

Agathe DARRET, Business Development Manager Food, YNSECT

Thu 16 June10:30 AM > 12:30 PM

Products & Process

Improving overall performance through operational decision support tools

Conference leader : Alice DULAS, Project Manager, ACTIA

The ACTIA toolbox to address formulation issues

Christine CHENE, Director, ADRIANOR
Company speaker to be confirmed

How to manage and develop your industrial performance approach?

Benoît MUS, Coordinator of the ACTIA Industrial Performance Network, Technology Consultant, CRITT AGRO-ALIMENTAIRE PACA
Company speaker to be confirmed

The importance of digital technology for the future of agri-food industry

Jérôme VENTAGE, Head of Digital Transition and Factory of the Future, CRITT AGRO-ALIMENTAIRE LA ROCHELLE

Data, AI, Digital Twin: how can they be used concretely in the production process?

Aurélien VERLEYEN, General Director, DATASWATI

Thu 16 June2:00 PM > 4:00 PM

Sustainable packaging

The key factors that are moving the lines

Conference leader : David ALLAIN, Packaging Project Manager, CTCPA, RMT PROPACKFOOD

What strategy should be followed to reduce, reuse and recycle food packaging?

Valentin FOURNEL, Head of R&D and Eco-design Services, CITEO

Changes in environmental information on packaging for consumers


2012-2022: Results and prospects after 10 years of environmentally friendly packaging design

Philippe REUTENAUER, Green Packaging Manager, LEA NATURE

The challenges of packaging for eco-responsible home delivery

Pierre POINTARD, Co-founder and logistics manager, RUTABAGO

Wed 15 June9:00 AM > 10:00 AM

Opening debate

Meet today the food of tomorrow

Conference leader : Benoit JULIEN, Journalist-Consultant, ICAAL 

Crossed views on transition issues and strategies for healthy and sustainable food

  • Barbara BIDAN, Communication & CSR Director, FLEURY MICHON
  • Jean-Marc CALLOIS, Ministerial Delegate for agri-food companies and Benoît ASSEMAT Coordinator of the national acceleration strategy «Sustainable and healthy food» (PIA4), FRENCH MINISTRY FOR AGRICULTURE AND FOOD

Wed 15 June10:30 am > 12:30 pm


Perceptions and expectations of a new sustainable food supply

Conference leader : Guillaume ARDILLON, Director of Operations and Technologies, NUMALIM

What are the expectations of European consumers regarding their future food supply?

Marie-Claire RENAULT DESCUBES, Senior Manager -Agriculture and food specialist, KPMG

The UniversAlim digital platform for better access to product information and increased consumer confidence

Guillaume ARDILLON, Director of Operations and Technologies, NUMALIM

Brand commitment: a differentiation and preference lever for positive impact

Bénédicte DUCHAMP, Sustainable Strategies Manager, UTOPIES

How is the environmental perception of packaging changing in France?

Catherine BARUCQ, Head of Studies and Prospects, CITEO

Understanding the multiple consumer expectations to innovate

Company speaker to be confirmed

Wed 15 June2:00 PM > 4:00 PM

Health & Food

Better understanding of the link between health and food for everyone’s benefit

Conference leader : Jean-Marie BARD, President of the Scientific Concil, SFN (Société Française de Nutrition)

Defining the dietary profiles of populations

Catherine FEART, Researcher, Bordeaux Population Health (BPH) Research Center, INSERM

The Mind Diet for healthy ageing

Cécilia SAMIERI, Research Director, INSERM

What is the relationship between dietary factors and mental health?

Sofia CUSSOTTO, Postdoctoral researcher, INRAE NUTRINEURO

Impact of diet on the gut-brain axis


Nutrition-Health: from science to market, from market to science

David GAUDOUT, Chief Innovation Officer, ACTIV’INSIDE

Wed 15 June4:30 PM > 6:30 PM

Food supplements

Communication and allegations: what are the challenges for the food supplement in tomorrow’s diet?

Conference leader : Catherine BENETEAU, University lecturer and researcher, Faculty of pharmacy, Bordeaux University

Nutrition regulation: constantly adapting to innovate

Speaker to be confirmed

How could a scaled approach of evidence level provide new access to health claims?

Florent HERPIN, Scientific Affairs Officer, CEN NUTRIMENT

Key factors for the success of a food supplement brand in 2022: from ingredients to communication

Grégory DUBOURG, Founder & CEO, NUTRIKEO

What place will food supplements have in tomorrow’s health offer?

Speaker to be confirmed

Wed 15 June6:45 PM > 7:45 PM

Start-up conference

Solutions and alternatives for a carbon free word!

Conference leader : Gilles LOIR-MONGAZON, Director, La Rochelle Technopole

Tue 14 June6:30 PM > 7:30 PM

Evening conference opening

Short distribution channels facing consumers’ expectations and practices in 2022: evolution, current situation and prospects

Conference leader : Pascale HEBEL, Director of the Consumption and Enterprises Unit, CREDOC