17 & 18 June 2020 13th edition

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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JAS Workshops

Unique occasion to exchange with experts

Co-organised by expertise centres specialized in health & food, the workshops are the unique occasion for receiving and sharing information with experts in small groups.

By joining JAS workshops, you will get the opportunity to discuss topical issues, meet participants around common concerns and share experiences.

Organised during the event, without encroaching upon conferences and meeting sessions, since there are held during lunch time, the JAS workshops gather about thirty participants, registered in advance, in a friendly atmosphere around a meal tray for 1 hour.

The 2018 schedule

Wed 20 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


Methanisation: the tool for energy recovery of by-products by excellence

  • Mobilized professionals : Guillaume DUFIL, facilitator of the workshop
  • Speaker : Guillaume DUFIL, ADEME Nouvelle –Aquitaine, Energy Engineer in charge of the Methanisation and Agriculture themes in the 4 departments of the former Poitou-Charentes (France).
  • Target : All companies in the agri-food sector that can value by-products (organic matter) via a methanisation procedure
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Wed 20 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


Proteins of the future: How to innovate and win international markets / Design: Growth levers for the food industry

  • Mobilized professionals : Raphael SMIA, Company manager of Nextalim
    Stéphane BLANC, Brand Designer

  • Speaker : Ariane VOYATZAKIS: Head of the Agribusiness Sector ; Management of innovation, Bpifrance
  • Target : Food manufacturers
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Wed 20 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


Digital technology for food and health: does it help lose or gain weight?

  • Mobilized professionals : Clarisse LEMAITRE, nutrition consultant, Foodinnov Nutrition
    Céline LE STUNFF, consulting manager, Foodinnov Nutrition
  • Speaker : Hélène LE POCHER, Health Nutrition Delegate from Valorial, Technological Advisor ID2SANTE
  • Target : Transversal themes that can be of interest to anyone participating the Health & Food Days
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Wed 20 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


Innovation by short food supply chains: From production to processing

  • Mobilized professionals : M. Barnabé GRIOT, SVEP, Director
    M. Fabrice HEGRON, DE NOUS A VOUS, Milk Producer, Creator and Leader
    Mrs. Dominique GUERIN, FROMAGERIE DU PAYS MOTHAIS, Milk Producer and President
  • Speaker : Bruno PARMENTIER, ex General Director of the groupe ESA, Author of «Nourrir l’humanité » and «Manger tous et bien»
  • Target : Producers and processors
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Wed 20 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


Which organizations and methodologies are efficient to enable the development of ones innovations with startups ?

  • Mobilized professionals : 20 years of experience in marketing and breakthrough innovation, set-up of collaborative digital transformation projects within Groupe SEB. Kevin, among others leaders, set up Groupe SEB's Digital Workshop, where the first ranges of connected kitchen appliances were developed, as well as the OpenFoodSytem collaborative research program.
    Having anticipated future changes and in contact with hundreds of startups, Kevin founded ShakeUpFactory at the end of 2015, in order to answer to requests from startups and many manufacturers wishing to understand the changes related to digital revolutions, especially in the FoodTech.
  • Speaker : Kevin CAMPHUIS, ShakeUp Factory, Co-founder, FoodTech Expert
  • Target : All manufacturers and retailers who want to understand what will be the new dynamics and innovation process that will allow them to remain competitive. DG, Strategy and development manager, Marketing and Innovation Managers
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Wed 20 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


When the brands go green: How to support the vegetable trend and the consumers who are looking for a food that makes sense?

  • Mobilized professionals : Florence CULTIER, Marketing consultant of PEPS'WORK Agency
  • Target : Food companies, Dietary product brands, Sports nutrition laboratories
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Thu 21 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


ENERGY – WASTE – MATERIALS: 100% gainer! As a company, your material and energy flows are a source of significant financial savings and with only very simple actions!

  • Mobilized professionals : Emeline SEITE, SOCOTEC, Environmental consultant and sustainable development
    Frédéric VANDAMME, owner of 3 restaurants KFC
  • Speaker : Emmanuel BEJANIN, ADEME Nouvelle Aquitaine, coordinator of the circular economy pole
  • Target : Manufacturers, distributors, technical centers
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Thu 21 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


Processed organic products: practical tools to facilitate implementation in companies

  • Mobilized professionals : Audrey LESTURGEON, Technical advisor in nutrition and organic products at Critt Agroalimentaire Paca
    Guillaume MONDEJAR, Project manager in Quality Health Safetly and Environment at the CRITT Agro-alimentaire
  • Speaker : RMT TRANSFOBIO
  • Target : Companies manufacturing organic products or wishing to develop a range of organic products, students, trainers
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Thu 21 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


Digitalization and Agri-Food Industries: How to stimulate, engage and fund digital innovation projects

  • Mobilized professionals : Lydia BRUNAULT, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation
    Antoine Chotard, Project Manager in Digital Transformation ADI Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • Speaker : Agathe Olive, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation
  • Target : Agri-food industries, food industry suppliers
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Thu 21 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


To formulate and reformulate products with nutritional objectives: Presentation of the Solver function in Excel and the RMT Nutriprevius tool

  • Mobilized professionals : Nicole DARMON, Nutritionist and Epidemiologist, Director of Research UMR MOISA, INRA
    Céline MARNIER, Agrifood project manager, AGRIA GRAND EST
    Christine CHENE, Director of ADRIANOR
    Dalal AOUDE WERNER, agrifood project manager of AERIAL
    Sarah GERVAIS, Project Manager of CTCPA
  • Target : All agri-food industries, from all sectors of activity, with production and research and development activities
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Thu 21 June12:30 > 1:45 PM


Legumes: let's take some seed! From value creation to consumption and research

  • Mobilized professionals : Noëmie SIMON – innovation food ingenior TerresUnivia
    Muriel GINESTE –Facilitator at the Food Innovation Center (CISALI)
    Béatrice MAIRE – director of « Les chocolats du croisé »
    Marc ANTON – Research Director of INRA
    Matteo LASCIALFARI - Phd Student in Economics INRA
  • Speaker : Christophe COTILLON, assistant director of ACTIA
  • Target : Agrifood company, student
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