JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Informations générales

Technology :

Gentle blending or forceful mixing and homogenizing, dry or wet, of powders, granules, grains, flakes, emulsions and marinades as well as conveying and filling. For all industries.

Trademark :


Technology assets :

High precision in mixing (certified 1 :100’000) also for micro-components, very short mixing times, flexibility, versatility, simple operation, easy cleaning, low power consumption, environment-friendly, mobile mixer.

Existing or possible applications :

Installations for products such as spices, coffee, herbs, flour, sugar, salt, food ingredients, muesli, cereals, instant soups & drinks, health food, tea, herbal teas, powders, baby & convenience food, salt bath