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Informations générales

Trademark :

OLMIX GROUP present present its ranges Human Care

For Food range : Fibersea® and Emulsea®

Labelling requirements :

Olmix Group, algo-sourced solutions provider:

For Food range : Ingredient

AromaCelte range: Food supplement

SAGA range : turkey meat

Composition :

Fibersea® and Emulsea®: your algae-based ingredients

Aromacelte : Algaromathérapie : a unique in the world formulation

SAGA : poultry meat

Description, Properties, Potential Health Claims :

Fibersea® and Emulsea® are algae-based natural and multifunctional solutions for clean-labelling, vegan products or allergens-free products.

Aromacelte: Lithothamne: Regulation of acid-base balance

Essential oils: Maximum benefit of essential oils

Patented innovation

SAGA : Meat from the sector without antibiotic treatment since hatching. Well-being and natural defenses reinforced using algae in breeding

Potential Application :

Fibersea® and Emulsea® have proven application in bakery products, sauces, vegan products and meat-based products for sale in food industry

SAGA : Turkey meat for out-of-home catering, B to B, food industry

Aromacelte : Food supplement for sale in pharmacy

Appearance – Packaging – Storage :

Gamme for food : 25 kg bag

Aromacelte : dispenser, spray

SAGA : vacuum packed, conservation at 4°C