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Informations générales

Concerned business sector:

Nutraveris is the leading European consultancy regarding scientific and regulatory affairs in the nutrition and health market.

We support and advise laboratories, pharmaceutical, agrofood and cosmetic groups.

Type of proposed service:

With a strong team of experts and a unique real-time Regulatory, Scientific and Marketing DATA Solution, Nutraveris helps you to:

  • Review the Scientific state of the art (efficacity – safety)
  • Analyze the regulatory compliance of your composition and communication
  • Formulate the best product in order to differenciate you from others
  • Find the right strategy to authorize your innovations
  • Prepare and submit your health claim application files and your Novel Foods dossiers for EFSA evaluation

Trademark :

NUTRAVERIS, NUTRAVERIS on-line, NOL NUTRAVERIS DATA Solution, NOL Legal, NOL science, NOL survey, NOL claims, NOL compliance

Skills – assets in the domain :

Thanks to its Scientific and Regulatory departments, the strength of the NUTRAVERIS consultancy lies in an expert and responsive team. We are resolutely focused on the client’s satisfaction and success, providing tailored and strategic solutions.

Potential application :

European expertise dedicated food supplements, Dietary products, Health foods, Ingredients, botanicals…:

  • Regulatory expertise and approval
  • Scientific intelligence, Health Claims and Food Safety
  • Formulation and innovative product development
  • Nutraveris Online, NOL
  • NOL compliance –NEW-

Offer of possible service :

  • DATA Solution Regulatory, Scientific and Marketing
  • NOL Compliance – New-
  • Consulting contract
  • Label compliance
  • Registration
  • Ingredient authorization
  • Formulation
  • Scientific review
  • Strategic Survey and analysis
  • Nutrition and Health claims
  • Novel foods
  • Clinical strudy protocol