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19 & 20 juin 2024

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Exposant JAS : INNOV’IA

Informations générales

Concerned business sector:

Toll manufacturing of powder for the food, feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fine chemical industries.

Type of proposed service :

Spray drying, granulation, coating, micro encapsulation and prilling

Analysis on demand with our R&D IDCAPS.

Trade brand :


Skills – assets in the domain :

INNOV’IA is your partner from the beginning of your project until scaling up production

Scope of application :

Probiotics, enzymes, excipients, plant extracts, flavours, food ingredients, food supplements, vitamins, low density sugar…

Offer of possible service:

Pilot trial on few kilos

Micro production from 15 to 200kg

Industrial trial from 200 to 1000kg

Manufacturing production of hundreds of tons