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The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Informations générales

Technology :

Design, manufacture and installation of energy-saving drying systems with variable temperatures for gentle and reliable drying.

Efficient heat pump based condensation drying in an energetically closed system.

Trademark :

AIRGENEX®food dryer

Technology assets :

German company manufacturing drying systems for more than 25 years.

Development of a proprietary drying technology

Implementation of more than 1000 dryers in various industrial sectors the world over

R&D, sales, manufacture, after-sales service

Potential Application :

Drying solutions for :

  • Food (f&v, meat,…)
  • food supplements
  • pharmaceutical products
  • surfaces
  • packaged products

Existing or possible applications :

In-house pilot plant station for drying tests at the project stage

Design of customized drying systems

Standard solution – AIRGENEX food (tray) trolley dryer