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Informations générales

Concerned business sector:

EXTRACTIS is an agroindustrial technical institute, services provider, specialized in the fractionation of the plant for the production of additives, ingredients, active ingredients and plant extracts. Its expertises are in the fields of food but also non-food.

Type of proposed service:

Two activities:

• Innovation :  from the economic and technical validation of the proof of concept (laboratory / micro-pilot stage) to the industrial pre-series to sample the markets.
• Production : toll manufacturing from a few kilograms to several tons (extraction, drying)

Trademark :


Skills – assets in the domain :

Multidisciplinary and experienced team, responsiveness, flexibility, change of scales (from the laboratory to the industrial pilot), ISO 9001, Ecocert, HACCP, kosher, hallal, FDA, double research tax credit, on-site analytical control, strict confidentiality.

Potential application :

The whole plant (from root to flower) and all plants (marine, agricultural, forestry, tropical, metropolitan …) for applications in food / feed, food supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, technical additives …

Offer of possible service :

Biomass sourcing, reception and preparation of the raw material, pretreatment, extraction, separation, purification, concentration, shaping of the fractions of interest (spray drying).