JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Exposant JAS : CTCPA

Informations générales

Concerned business sector:

The CTCPA, Industrial Technical Center supports angri-food industries and start-ups on many topics with it’s technical and human ressources : tests and pre-production, consulting, technical assistance, analyzes (food safety, packaging safety, nutrition), training.

Type of proposed service:

Innovation on product / process / packaging, product life validation, process’ nutritional impact on the product life, …

Trademark :


Skills – assets in the domain :

Experienced employees including 20 technicians, 29 engineers, 9 PhD, 35 trainers, advanced equipment in 4 technology halls and 3 laboratories.

In addition, the CTCPA carries out collective research and technical-regulatory support missions for the canned, dehydrated and frozen vegetables profession.

Potential application :

Our teams are able to work by product approach: vegetables, fruits, ready-cooked dishes, biscuits, cereals, drinks, foie gras.

For all food industries: artisan, entrepreneur, start-up, SME, large group.

Offer of possible service :

Example of service for a product, process or packaging innovation : Prefeasibility, optimization and pre-production, technical-economic study (industrial cost, return on investment), functional spécifications for materials, packaging or ingrédients, transfer within the company, employee training.