JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Thu 16 June12:30 PM > 2:00 PM


Come and discover the concept of the ephemeral plant shop and promote your green innovations!

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Mobilized professionals : Members of the "Plant for Food and Feed" and "Nutrition Health Prevention, Well-being, Cosmetics" communities of the VEGEPOLYS VALLEY cluster having participated in the 2022 temporary shop in Lyon.

- Greentech
Organic and fair trade Inca Inchi virgin oil by Greentech. A pioneer in plant biotechnology, GREENTECH develops and produces high-tech active ingredients for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, from the plant, marine and microbial worlds. They offer here a "health oil", derived from Inca Inchi seeds, a superfood native to the Peruvian Amazon and used for millennia for its nutritional properties. The cultivation and production of the oil, carried out in northern Peru, is certified organic by Ecocert (without pesticides, without GMOs) and the sector certified fair trade by Fair-for-Life. In addition, GREENTECH, in partnership with the local company AGROINDUSTRIAS AMAZONICAS, has set up the OMEGA project, a program contributing to the reforestation of the Amazon with native plants.

- Brin de Foli will present several products: a Living Food Box, a small sustainable equipment allowing everyone to make classic yoghurts at home as well as fermented plant-based drinks and desserts without a yoghurt maker; but also kits to make homemade plant-based desserts with active ferments and sources of fibre or protein. Founded by Sarah (from Ecole Paul Bocuse) and David (doctor in natural sciences), Brin de Foli offers solutions based on vegan and lactose-free lactic ferments that are unique worldwide and designed for plant-based milks.

Target : Food and nutrition-health sector: Food industries - Food supplement, dietetic and health food manufacturers - Engineers in technological testing centres - Managers of research laboratories - Suppliers of nutritional and functional ingredients


Plant products (food, food supplements) are increasingly popular with consumers. Plants offer numerous possibilities for applications in these markets and are the source of many innovation projects within companies. In order to position themselves on these rapidly expanding and highly competitive markets, companies must be able to ensure as soon as possible that their innovations will meet the target markets and consumer expectations. This is what the VEGEPOLYS VALLEY cluster is proposing with its concept of “ephemeral plant shop”.

Created on the initiative of VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, a global plant-based competitiveness cluster, the Plant Shop opened its doors in Lyon from March 18 to April 16, 2022, in the Grand Hôtel Dieu.

An original place-concept offering the public the possibility of testing, in preview, a selection of innovative solutions designed by plant-based companies. Free workshops were also offered throughout the life of the shop.

 A dozen SMEs from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region have been selected to present their products before they are marketed and to discuss their innovations with visitors.

Food, nutrition or even cosmetics, the shop was designed to be a showcase for plants in all their forms. Making it possible to discover and test new products developed by innovative players in the plant sector, it should delight all the curious and lovers of “green”.

It was also a unique opportunity to interact with creators, through participation in free workshops offered every week.


  • To present the concept of the “Plant Shop” by VEGEPOLYS VALLEY
  • To provide feedback on the 2022 edition of the ephemeral shop with a focus on “Food, Nutrition and Health”:
    • Presentation of a report and key figures
    • Have participating companies testify (live or via pre-recorded videos)
    • Possibly broadcast feedback from customers/consumers
  • Gauge the interest of workshop participants to repeat the event in 2023 on a national scale

Issues raised during the workshop

To allow companies to test their plant-based innovation(s) prior to market launch to ensure their relevance to the target market(s).

Solutions given/discussed

To propose an innovative concept to test the market potential of a plant innovation in real conditions.