JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Thu 16 June12:30 PM > 2:00 PM


How does the consumer understand the concept of a balanced diet?

  • Balance
  • Food
  • Perception
  • Nutrition
  • Study
  • Consumers

Mobilized professionals : Patrick SAUVANT, Ph D. Bordeaux Sciences Agro, former Expert of the CES (Comité d'Experts Spécialisés) Nutrition Humaine, member of the SFN (Société Française de Nutrition).

Speaker : Agathe BERTIN, project manager, Pôle Aliments & Santé

Target : Food industry in general and all structures that may be directly or indirectly concerned with food balance and its link with consumers.


From October 2021 to March 2022, the Pôle Aliments & Santé worked on the topic of “Consumer perception of food balance” through a tutored project carried out by students from Bordeaux Sciences Agro with the support of the company Léa Nature. This topic concerns all agri-food industries and the workshop is a real opportunity to share this work with industry players and to explore the subject in greater depth at this event.


The objectives of this workshop are multiple:

  • The first objective is to provide companies with information on a current issue that has a direct impact on their business.
  • The results presented during this workshop may also provide companies with research leads and/or identify new issues.
  • To make the most of the quality of the work carried out in order to further discuss this topic.

Issues raised during the workshop

  • How is balanced diet considered by consumers?
  • What knowledge do they have of a balanced diet?
  • What information is available to consumers to help them understand balanced diets?
  • How do consumers apply it to their food habits and behaviour?
  • What are the remarkable steps taken by food industries to promote a balanced diet in France?