JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Les ateliers JAS

Wed 15 June12:30 PM > 2:00 PM


Seafood products: quality approach and local development

  • Seafood products
  • Aquaculture
  • Shellfish farming
  • Region
  • Local
  • Food
  • Environment
  • Pollution
  • Quality
  • Public decision-makers

Mobilized professionals : • Challenges explained by the elected representatives (Jean Prou – County Concillor and Françoise de Roffignac (pending confirmation) – County Council Vice-President)
• Crossed visions of professionals working in the marine production field and involved in the regional dynamics :
o Jean-Sébastien BRUANT – General Director - Ferme Marine Du Soleil - Aquaculture
o Benoit DURIVAUD – Manager of Moules DURIVAUD – Mussel Farming
o Fishing and seafood processing - pending confirmation.
o Philippe JUMEL – Director of QUALYSE – Analysis laboratory

Speaker : Bruno LE FUR / Technical advisor on aquatic products - CRITT agro-alimentaire La Rochelle

Target : Professionals from the aquatic industry (Fishing, aquaculture, processing, trade, retail, etc.) • Public decision-makers • Stakeholders working in water and coastal management


Marine and aquaculture products from Charente-Maritime are not listed in the regional brand “+ de 17 dans nos assiettes”.

Some of the marine and aquaculture products are not produced locally, which complicates this listing.

 How can we optimise the quality of marine products in the region?

  • The density of aquaculture productions can lead to vulnerabilities
  • The quality of coastal waters represents a health risk
  • Traceability can be improved


  • Encourage professionals in the aquatic sector to think about optimising the quality of local products
  • Raise the awareness among all stakeholders of the global management of water and the coastline and reinforce good practices
  • Identify the levers that  makes local products more valuable
  • Promote local fisheries and aquaculture products to consumers in terms of seasonality, production methods, origin and traceability.
  • Develop official quality labels (Label rouge/IGP /AOP), work on the legibility and notoriety of such labels among consumers and promote local products (e.g. “+de 17 dans nos assiettes” brand).

Issues raised during the workshop

This workshop aims to answer several questions:

  •  What is the current state of play for the production in the Charente-Maritime region (volumes, prices, quality, ranges, market position, and distribution of added value)?
  • How can we improve the integration of aquaculture into the coastal environment (nutritional richness of the aquatic environment, maintenance of the maritime domain, water quality, etc.)?
  • How can local productions and the geographical origin can be better identified when launching seafood and aquaculture products on the market (“+ de 17 dans nos assiettes” brand)?

Solutions given/discussed

  • Raise the awareness among the local aquatic industries of good practices in terms of water management and maintenance of the coastal environment
  • Encourage producers to adopt a “quality” approach and start thinking about labelling products of marine origin
  • Promote local production via territorial brands: example of “+ de 17 dans nos assiettes”,