JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Les ateliers JAS

Thu 16 June12:30 PM > 2:00 PM


Developing innovative and sustainable sectors: example of a local dynamic around soya in Charente-Maritime

  • Local sectors
  • Soya
  • Sustainable sectors
  • Partnerships
  • Diversification
  • Water quality
  • Commitment
  • Contractual commitment

Mobilized professionals : Maïder BARREIX, Eau 17, Re-Sources coordination for the Arnoult-Lucérat area, the sector’s deployment area.
Christophe GUICHARD, Coop Atlantique
Benoit THIBAULT, Fermiers de Loué
Nicolas PUGEAUX, Négoce Agricole Centre Atlantique
Thomas PERRIER, Coopérative Océalia

Speaker : ARNAUD UHALDE – L’atelier du changement

Target : Local authorities: raising awareness of territorial development levers related to production methods and animal feed methods Producers interested in diversifying their production Agribusinesses from other sectors wishing to develop their activity based on the same principle


This workshop will help to understand the opportunities that the soya sector represents for producers in Charente Maritime, the possible synergies and the key factors for successful and environmentally friendly integration.

The workshop will show an example of territorial dynamics, with the creation of a sector that meets the food and health challenges (direct benefits on consumer health and indirect benefits on water and environment quality) thanks to crops with low input use and that make it possible to lengthen crop rotations.


  • Inform and invite local and industry stakeholders to join these dynamics.
  • Set-up small-scale, autonomous production tools that allow farmers to benefit from the product added value.
  • Provide prospects for developing new partnerships in other sectors and in other territories

Issues raised during the workshop

  • Development of economically sustainable outlets, fair distribution of the product added value at each level, with environmentally friendly practices
  • Contractual commitment for producers with processing operators

Solutions given/discussed

  • Take examples from similar projects
  • Meet operators and integrate them into the approach
  • Training / agronomic support
  • Contractual commitment
  • Synergies between actors – pooling resources – sharing common objectives