JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Les ateliers JAS

Thu 16 June12:30 PM > 2:00 PM


Energy efficiency and decarbonisation: how can the food industry reduce its consumption of fossil fuels?

  • Food industry
  • Energy efficiency
  • Decarbonisation
  • Renewable energies
  • Energy costs reduction
  • Energy transition
  • Carbon emissions reduction

Mobilized professionals : Bruno MATHELLIER, CRITT AGRO-ALIMENTAIRE, Technology Advisor on Energy Efficiency, Industry Decarbonisation, Diag Eco-flux auditor

Speaker : Sean COQ, the industry decarbonisation referent for ADEME Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Target : This workshop targets agribusinesses, from SMEs to large industrial groups.


The energy transition of companies is an essential issue to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of our food industry. In the current context of soaring energy prices, it is even more essential to be able to offer low-carbon foods and to limit price increases by saving energy costs.


Provide a clear and pragmatic approach to the energy transition of agribusinesses. At the end of this workshop, participants will have a general vision of the existing mechanisms to help them engage in a sustainable transformation.

Issues raised during the workshop

Why reducing fossil energy is important? Where to start to decarbonize your industrial site? What financial support exists?

Methodological/pedagogical tools presented/used

  • Presentation of an approach and a procedure applicable to all industrial sites
  • Comprehensive overview of the available systems
  • Focus on one system: the “Diag Eco-flux”.