JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Informations générales

Concerned business sector :

Food, feed and biotechnological

Type of proposed service :

Helping companies to innovate using technical and scientific means. Many skills : R&D studies, pilot workshops, technological transfer, training, consulting.

Trademark :

Welience AgroAlimentaire et Bio Industriel

Skills – assets in the domain :

30 years of experience and know-how recognized and well appreciated (Food and Fermentation)

Pilot plants with many equipments, scientific environment

Member of french cluster VITAGORA and of Carnot Institute QUALIMENT

Potential application :

Texturization of food products: extrusion-cooking, emulsion, whipping, high pressure…

Control of microorganisms : decontamination, production, preservation, fermentation

Food and feed industry, health, cosmetic…

Offer of possible service :

Development of new process

Improvement / optimization / development of new foods: formulation, sensory, functional, nutritional, hygienic qualities, process