JAS 15ème édition : 19 & 20 Juin 2024

The International Food & Innovation Gathering

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Les ateliers JAS

Wed 15 June12:30 PM > 2:00 PM


Plastic substitution and reuse: which changes should be adopted for food packaging?

  • Food packaging
  • Plastic
  • Single use
  • Reuse
  • LCA
  • Plastic substitution
  • AGEC
  • Plastic reduction
  • Eco-design

Mobilized professionals : Bruno MATHELLIER, LCA, Eco-design, Packaging and Packaging Technology Advisor, CRITT agro-alimentaire
Philippe REUTENAUER, Head of Green Packaging Projects, LEA NATURE

Speaker : Camille BARENNES, Circular Economy Engineer – Plastic & Reuse, ADEME Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Office

Target : All companies in the food industry that package products.


In a highly regulated context, food companies are challenged on the packaging they can use and put on the market, in terms of recyclability, single use – especially plastic-, reuse, etc. This is why it is wise to ask the right questions about changing their packaging.


The objectives of this workshop are to review the regulatory restrictions in this area, to propose a clear approach with the experts involved, as well as alternative existing solutions, to provide feedback from companies that are pioneers in this field and to outline the possible support provided by ADEME from a financial point of view.

Issues raised during the workshop

  • What are the upcoming regulatory restrictions?
  • What steps should be taken / where should we start?
  • What are the solutions?
  • What financial support is available?

Solutions given/discussed

Solutions in terms of packaging to replace plastic, reuse of packaging, eco-design and LCA

Methodological/pedagogical tools presented/used

  • Presentation of the appropriate ADEME measures
  • Procedure: eco-design, packaging diagnosis, LCA, implementation of reuse measures